they’re so different and adorable and perfect. I just can’t handle. I want a love like theirs, plz  ♥ ♡ ❤



FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Minus Blondie and Regine, Arcade Fire’s second weekend Coachella set takes the cake. Like I can’t even breathe. The band looked like they had a blast and so did I. Like opening with *fake* Daft Punk, having Win dedicate the “Suburbs” to all those “who are really in love”, then…

Anonymous asked:
wow youve been going to coachella for 2 years thats crazy

I’ve been going since 2009

Arcade Fire, thank you for giving me the best moment of my life.

Anonymous asked:
how many af members have you met

I’ve only met Will, but I’m hoping one day I meet all of them. I’ll wait for that day patiently.

Anonymous asked:
I really (eventually) go to Coachella bit the problem is I don't know that many bands at Coachella and if I did go it would be a waste if Ike and money but it would also be nice to go and discover some new bands what do you think?

The best experience to have at Coachella is to be in a crowd, waiting for a band that you know nothing about, and having low expectations. But after the set, you feel so alive and you fall in love with that band’s music. And then you say to yourself, “that was the best moment of my life.”

I hope this answers your question darling!! :) xx

Anonymous asked:
do you have to be a certain age to be at Coachella

No, I’ve been going since I was 10

artoverwhelms asked:
We're both at Coachella and we're both in VIP!


Anonymous asked:
did you save up for Coachella urself

Technically, yes I did. :) xx

Anonymous asked:
are you in VIP

Indeed I am :)